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  • Roger Hiorns

    Roger Hiorns at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

    Being the third time I have viewed Hiorns masterpiece; I still don’t lose the same feeling when you step inside the ultramarine space.

    Roger Hiorns “seizure” as defined in the oxford dictionary as “capturing someone” does just that as you walk into the room of glistening crystalised copper sulphur ejecting out the walls like something nature couldn’t achieve. A forced upon action by Hiorns using 90,000 liters of copper sulphate in the abandoned water tight London flat, feels as though walking into a giant science experiment. The hanging crystals from the ceiling that have a sense of delicacy in their natural positions retain a sapphire blue hue that reflects from the torch as the only source of light in the room.  The room is breath taking.

    I felt there was something comforting about being surrounded by the reminisce of such a potentially harmful chemical in such a cosy little bed sit no wider than ten meters; that someone once lived their life in. The contrast of these two concepts to me was interesting. When being in the room it felt as though the room could still be lived in; A spiritual dwelling. With the crystalized light bulb hanging from the ceiling and the dado rail separating the walls. There was a sense of normality in the room despite the enormous delicacy that was created on every space.

    The claustrophobic grotto like space is criticized by some for the relocation from the small London council estate to the Yorkshire sculpture park in Wakefield. It is probable that some are lead to pose the question of the relevance of its relocation. Although ideal to be viewed in a gallery space, the authenticity of being in the surroundings of a derelict council estate with the surreal structure contained inside a bed-sit could possibly make the piece more interesting. I feel the contrast the everyday life enclosed behind one door and Hiorns surreal space enclosed behind another would impose a totally different reaction by its viewers altogether. 


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