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  • Hello all readers.. 

    Truly flattered that you've took the time to show an interest in my blog.

    I can only imagine in the future you'll read a wholesome load of bullshit, maybe some find that inspiring? or offensive? *Sorry*

    I dont know.

    I'm hoping to provide to you a little bit of all things interesting; A creative insight into my life.

    I suppose you could say I live in my own little bubble. A messy bubble of that; I long to be a tidy egg, NEVER going to happen. But I can always try..

    I must warn.. I cannot promise to make some over rated statement that I'll blog incredible OOTD (cause that rarely happens anyway) or beauty makeup finds (because I don't have time for that either)

    What I do have time for is inspiration sketchbooks, artists, interesting everyday imaginitive ideas etc etc 



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    -Aspiring fine artist & lover of creativity-

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