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    Open screen printing leaves much room for diversity in the style of your prints due to the freedom of movement in the pigments in your screen. In these prints I put strips of paper to resist the inks in certain parts of the screen whilst allowing some of the pigments to overlap and introduce a new spectrum of colours. 

    I love the simplicity of the colours and think they compliment each other well. Especially in the first image below with the tones of primary colours. 

    On two of the A3 pieces of paper I used a process called appliqué whereby I sewed different types of leather scraps on to the surface which added a lovely contrast between the flat surface of the vibrant inks and the thick grainy leathers. 

    I chose to leave the black threads hanging loose as I thought the fine black thread lines worked well with the composition by dissecting the free movement of the inks with vertical lines. 


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