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  • procrastination

    College tomorrow, don't panic, don't panic, don't panic.

    The realisation of sleepless nights, stress, work, stress, work, stress; isn't appealing. I don't think it takes much convincing of you.

    I suppose it came a good time when I thought I should try utilise my time a bit more wisely; instead of spending mini work breaks flicking through mind numbing tweets of prepubescent teens and "lads" and virus ridden Facebook posts. Saying that, it still wont stop me from having a nosey through the uneducated non-shit filter.

    I feel it would be more therapeutic to spout some nonsense through a blog rather than burrow my head in a pillow wishing the work away; quite like now ironically.

    I do feel like already I spend more time looking for inspiration for textiles designs and fine art in books and on the internet (pinterest blog inspiration here >>> http://pinterest.com/sophiegowling/ <<< ) than I do actually working on my sketchbooks; And this is before the start of term has even began...

    So yes, I suppose you could call this a mid-august resolution.. focus my interests on something time worthy and credible and waste less time talking- more time doing.

    Lets see how this goes .


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