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  • That day

    Surprisingly awake and ready-to-go for college..

    I know that complaining is not an attractive feature in anyones books, I will stop when the term ends. 

    I think I decided if this blog is going to work I have to plan out what I'm blogging about..

    Rambling on about my own personal life will not satisfy a single soul reading this, unsurprisingly I don't think my emotions and lifestyle are relatively different from any other 17 year old..

    I'm into books. Books and art and fashion and blogs.
    Cool up-to-date trends and arty business with something fulfilling to read and observe..
    I think sharing these few interesting words of wisdom on found article and images would be more captivating to any mind as opposed to "a day in the life of Sophie"

    More to come,

    I'll keep posting


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