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    Getting photoshop on my laptop was probably the best decision of the month so far.. 

    Despite being fairly familiar with the photoshop in's and out's- the struggle from swapping from computer to laptop and vice versa to edit images was a bit of a chew.

    I'm currently looking at close up photographs of the two canvas' I've posted previously. I'm now looking at the ways the colours can be inverted on a close up scale. I think I might even prefer some of the close up sections of my work more than the overall composition! Although preferring to work on a large scale, bringing things back down in size helps me to envision a constantly evolving process of abstraction and distorting colour and shape. 

    I feel some of the edited images have an Anish Kapoor feel to them based on his series of etchings. (Which I believe Gallerina in Darlington have a few prints of if anybody wanted to check them out.) 

    The colours and tones aren't necessarily an expression of my emotion or any relation, they are purely based on visual impact in comparison to the opposing hues of my original pieces. 

    Anybody interested in checking out the adobe photoshop to download to their laptop/computer/tablet etc.. check out the link. They currently do a 30 day free trial and you don't have to fill in any rubbish forms with bank details to charge you at a later date! Its definitely worth trying out if you're photoshop fan! 


    Below are a few of my recent edits ! 



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