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  • Spoilt for choice

    I cannot stress enough how much I worry, seriously, I have the capability to worry for the world and to be quite honest I wish this trait from god knows where would just FUCK OFF.
    My admiration goes out to those "live-in-the-moment" kind of people, I mean, I can live for the moment, then I just worry after it's gone. Story of my life. As far as my spontaneity goes- buying a 20p fudge at college on my debit card when I have no change; yes I am that twat that spends pennies of their debit card and yes my mum tells me how bad it is.. living for the moment yeah?

    I have pretty much nothing to complain about either. Theres nothing keeping me here, theres nothing keeping me from going, and yet I'm a drowning emotional wreck in stress of what to do after college and the rest of my life. I'm sitting in a pretty good position in terms of what I want to do and be in life I just haven't got a fucking clue how to get there (i still haven't decided if its acceptable for me to be f'ing and blinding all over the shop but I'm stuck on how else to sugar coat it.) 

    lets talk post sixth form, 

    1. Go get a job
    2. Go do something crazy exciting in a foreign land
    3. Meet exciting people
    4. um and ah for a year over what to do
    5. uni
    6. Hibernate in bed for a year and live of cheerios and tea.

    See, on a good day the choice seems simple, I know what I want to study, I know what kind of direction I wanna take in life (sort of); but seriously it is not that simple. 

    Theres like 2467638697834 courses multiplied by a billion. When they say you're spoilt for choice, we really are, and unless you're some decisive genius (not me) its a really really really hard decision.
    My rents are fantastic; they tell me to follow my dream and prove my talent, but I don't wanna follow my dream with a bag over my head saying i owe fifty grands worth of debt to the student loans company. 
    I'm totally understanding in the retrospect that it wont be paid back until I'm earning "x" amount and I wont even see it but that is totally not the point £9,000 a year for something that doesn't guarantee me a job is risky business. Let's take it back to basics I think.

    The next blog will be totally more chilled I promise..


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